Cabbage Deli Wrap – Cabbage Kathi Roll

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This Cabbage Deli Wrap is a simplified Indian version with roti/chapathi and a cabbage/peas filling. It is a perfect finger food for “on the go” lunch. You can make the rotis & filling in advance and bring them together easily while serving or packing. Try this Cabbage Fry recipe as a varation.

Now to the recipe…

Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan

Cabbage Deli Wrap Ingredients:

For the Filling:

  • Cabbage – 2 cups(chopped)
  • Peas – 1 cup
  • Ginger – 1 inch long (finely chopped)
  • Onion – 1 chopped
  • Turmeric powder – a pinch
  • Chilly powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as needed
  • Oil – 2 tbsp

For Roti:

  • Wheat Flour – 2 cups
  • Ghee – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as needed
  • Water – as needed


For the Filling:

  • Heat oil in a pan. Add finely chopped ginger and saute for a few seconds. Then add chopped onion and saute until they are transparent. Add chopped cabbage and saute.

edit0227 edit0229 Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan

  • Now add peas ( I used frozen peas) and saute. Add salt, chilli powder & turmeric powder and mix. Cook covered until the cabbage is soft yet crunchy.

edit0234 Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan

Cabbage & Peas filling is ready.


Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan

For Roti:

  • Take wheat flour, salt & ghee in a wide bowl and knead it into a soft dough by adding water little by little at a time. Pinch a small ball sized dough and roll it slightly thicker than as we do for chapathi.

edit0244 edit0248 edit0251

  • Heat a tawa and toast the roti evenly on both sides. Follow the same procedure for the rest of the dough.

edit0253 edit0255 edit0257


Now that the roti and filling is ready, lets start the cabbage deli wrap procedure.

  • Take a roti and spread 1 spoonful of the cabbage & peas filling. Wrap it as shown in the pics below. Wrap it in a silver foil or pack it in lunch box.

Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan


Tasty Cabbage Deli wrap is ready. Pack it for kids or serve as a snack once they are back from school.


Cabbage Deli Wrap My Magic Pan


  1. U can use filling of your choice. Add cheese, tomato sauce or any chutney for extra flavour.
  2. These cabbage deli wraps can be served as is or with any sauce or raita/salad.


– By Sundari Nathan

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