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How to make Aloe Vera Oil at home – Aloe Vera Oil Recipe

March 3, 2023 DIY  No comments

Aloe Vera is a wonder plant. We do have a great looking one at home, which I grow indoors owing to the cold weather here. It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It can be used to heal wounds and is perfect when made as an oil for hair, skin and face. So lets see How to make Aloe Vera Oil at home. I have been wanting to share this post since a long time as we use have been using homemade aloe vera oil for a long time now. It is very simple and much better than the store bought ones which may contain preservatives or chemicals. This aloe vera oil can be used for hair, face and skin. This is the first ever recipe which is not edible on my website 🙂 Do check out the video to make efficient use of the aloe vera without any wastages!

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Pressure Cooker Carrot Halwa – No Grating

February 14, 2023 CarrotHalwa RecipesSweets/Desserts  No comments

Carrot Halwa is an all time favourite at home. The time and effort involved in grating the carrots and the process of slow cooking is not needed here as in the traditional method. This Pressure Cooker Carrot Halwa requires very less effort and can be made very quickly in less than 30 mins. As we are only going to chop the carrots roughly, this version of carrot halwa is a breeze to make. Do check my traditional method and microwave method if you are interested. The best carrots for this halwa would be Delhi carrots. Grab some when they are available in season and make this yummy treat for your family and friends, Now that you have this quick and easy method!

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