Dal Fry – How to make Dal Fry (Restaurant Style)

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Dal Fry is usually prepared with toor dal. Dal is a staple food in most Indian homes. Chotu & myself are big fans of this Dal Fry. We can  live with this simple Dal Fry for days together, along with steamed rice and a sabji. It is perfect for a lazy day, yet a complete & satisfying meal. Garlic Potato Fry is the best combo for this. This Dal Fry is so easy that even Bachelors can make it in a jiffy..

Now to the recipe..


Dal Fry My Magic Pan

Dal Fry Ingredients:

  • Toor Dal – 1 cup
  • Onion – 1
  • Tomato – 1
  • Green chilly – 1
  • Garlic Pods – 4 or 5
  • Ghee – 2 tbsp
  • Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as needed
  • Turmeric powder – a pinch
  • Chilli powder – 1 tsp
  • Amchur powder – a pinch
  • Asafoetida –  a pinch
  • Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp


  • Pressure cook toor dal along with asafoetida until the dal is mushy. I usually cook dal by keeping it in simmer for 10 mins after 1 whistle. Heat pan with half of the ghee and temper with cumin seeds. Once they splutter add chopped garlic followed by chopped chilly and onions and saute till they are transparent.

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  • Add chopped tomatoes and saute. Add salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder and stir. Fry in medium flame until ghee oozes out. Add cooked and mashed dal to the onion-tomato gravy and mix.

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  • Bring dal to a boil. Add a pinch of amchur powder and mix. Finally add chopped coriander leaves and mix.

Dal Fry My Magic Pan Dal Fry My Magic Pan


Transfer the Dal Fry to a serving bowl. Heat a pan with remaining ghee and temper with a pinch of chilli powder.

Yummy Dal Fry is ready.


Dal Fry My Magic Pan

Serve hot with steamed rice or roti!!!


  1. I have used Toor Dal, U can use moong dal, chana dal or a combination of dals.
  2. U can temper half of the cumin seeds in the begining and the remaining at the end along with chilli powder.


– By Sundari Nathan

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