My Magic Motivators!

My Magic Motivators! – Yes thats all of you, each and everyone of you. All your comments, feedback, tried pictures mean a lot to me. This page is all about you.

Sharing your pictures of recipes that you tried from My Magic Pan here. Shall update this page as and when I receive pictures from you and notify on my Facebook Page

If you have any pictures or comments to share, pls email to or ping me on facebook through messenger.

Below are the pictures that you all have sent to me. These pics are clickable links to their respective recipes i.e if you click on the pic it will lead to the respective recipe. 🙂


Rohit & Supriya 🙂 – No Bake Fridge Cake

Seetha – 7 Cup Burfi

Shenbagam – Pineapple Kesari

Ranjini – Kalakand

Keerthi – Egg Curry

Ambika – No Yeast Pizza


These cute little kiddos – Rohit & Supriya chose to make Strawberry Popsicles on a tech-free day in school 🙂

Anita – No-Yeast Pizza with Wheat Flour

Anita – Coffee Walnut Brownies

Valli – Pineapple Kesari, Homemade Chocolate & Chocolate Ice Cream


Keerthana – Pineapple Kesari substituted with apple

Gomathi – Chocolate Ice Cream

Jothi – Mango Ice Cream & Strawberry Ice Cream

Rani – Banana Walnut Bread

Kothai – Pineapple Kesari

Divena – Paneer Kheer

Subashini – Rajma Pulao & Sweet Corn Masala

Asha D Souza – No alcohol Christmas Cake

Rice Pakoda – Teena

Potato Sev – Suma

Pizza Muffins – Kokila


Thank you all! Happy cooking & keep updating me 🙂