Tortilla Pizza – Easy Homemade Pizza – No Oven Needed

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Hope you all are doing well. Pls do follow the govt instructions, stay at home, eat healthy & be safe. Just to boost you all at this unprecedented time, I present to you this simple homemade Tortilla Pizza. Yes! Am sure you all are facing challenges to keep your kids busy and happy at home. This Tortilla Pizza recipe idea came to me in a flash when Chotu wanted Pizza. We dare not eat ouside. I could not imagine making Pizza from the scratch.

I had some tortilla wraps in hand, so ended up making this yummy Tortilla Pizza with a crispy base. We all loved it. Am sure kids would love this too. I made it for dinner so the pics might not be impressive but it tasted so good.

Now to the recipe..


Tortilla Pizza My Magic Pan


[Preparation Time-15 mins : Cooking Time- 5 mins/pizza]

Tortilla Pizza Ingredients:

  • Tortilla Wraps – 3
  • Onion – 1
  • Capsicum – 1
  • Zucchini – 1
  • Tomato – 1
  • Pizza Sauce – 1 tbsp/pizza
  • Cheese – as needed
  • Crushed Pepper – as needed
  • Salt – as needed
  • Mixed Herbs – as needed
  • Chilli flakes – as needed
  • Oil – 1 or 2 tbsps



  • Heat a pan with oil and fry the chopped veggies one by one separately except tomato. Keep it ready in a plate. Take a tortilla wrap and smear some tomato sauce or ketchup on it evenly.

Tortilla Pizza My Magic Pan

  • Grate some generous amount of cheese on it. Arrange the roasted veggies randomnly. Sprinkle some mixed herbs, crushed pepper, chilli flakes & salt.

Tortilla Pizza My Magic Pan

  • Meanwhile heat a pan and keep it in the lowest possible flame. Place the pizza on it and cover it with a lid. Do not disturb it for 5 mins. U can see that the cheese has melted and the pizza is ready.

Tortilla Pizza My Magic Pan


Thats it! Crispy & yummy Tortilla Pizza ready!

Serve hot and enjoy!


Tortilla Pizza My Magic Pan



  1. U can add any toppings of your choice like sweet corn, olives, mushroom etc..
  2. If u cannot make Pizza Sauce, use any tomato sauce or even ketchup.
  3. I would recommed roasting the veggies as the tortilla wraps are thin and turn crispy quickly unlike the veggies which would take a much longer time to get cooked.
  4. U can use 2 layers of wraps and spread some cheese spread in between the layers to make a stuffed crust base.
  5. If u want to use the oven, cook it @ 180 deg C for 5 mins/pizza.


– By Sundari Nathan

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