Senior Citizens Meal Planner – Elderly People Veg Menu

Senior Citizens Meal Planner – Yes this page is all about menu ideas for senior citizens. This idea cropped up one day when me and my mom where chatting about “what to cook?”. The same million dollar question we ask ourselves or our family members every day. Before you read on, all the ideas below are based on my parents & in-laws, what they follow everyday. Am not a doctor or nutritionist/dietician. Some of the ideas below may not be suitable for seniors with diabetes, cholesterol etc.. So please do use the ideas only if it suits you.

My parents & in-laws are vegetarians and they do not eat – Pizza, Pasta, noodles, egg, ready to eat or frozen meals.. Thanks to COVID for the addtional restrictions of not eating in a restaurant or take-away, which they would hardly do once in a month otherwise. They are always in the look out for simple, easy to cook and easy to digest meals. The quantity they eat would be more or less the same as a 4-5 year old. Afterall they are elderly kids right?! Despite the above restrictions, their meal has to be interesting, filling & most importantly healthy. Thus the reason behind the idea of this page 🙂

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I shall add a meal planner evey Friday. Shall update it here once and when I do.

Senior Citizens Weekend Meal Planner – 1

Senior Citizens Meal Planner My Magic Pan


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Idli, Red Coconut Chutney, Lunch, Cup Corn, Semiya Upma


Poori Bhaji, Coconut RiceVendakkai Fry, Kachumber Salad, Dosa/ Sambar



Senior Citizens Weekend Meal Planner – 2


Recipe Links: Click the respective words for recipes!


Godhuma Dosai, Chutney, Paneer Pulao, Rava Khichdi


Red Rice Adai, Lemon Rice, Potato Fry, Thinai(Millet) Appam – Karthigai Deepam Special, Aval Upma



  1. You can choose whichever menu is suitable for you.
  2. If you feel snack is not needed you can skip it and replace with tea or coffee, which am sure most elderly cannot skip.
  3. A heavy snack can be included quite late in the evening (like supper) and dinner can be skipped.


Keep checking this page for more updates!

– By Sundari Nathan