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Yay!!! Its celebration time!!! Yes today MyMagicPan turns 1. Its really hard to believe. It feels as if I just started the blog and its already a year!! I never imagined this. I am doing my best and hope to continue to keep my readers happy.

Happy Birthday MyMagicPan !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




Blogging has made a lot of changes in my cooking, especially presentation. COOKING through the camera makes a lot of difference!! Β Blogging has been fun and satisfying. It has given me a new identity. People did relish my cooking before I started blogging, but have been receiving a lot of compliments only after becoming the author of MyMagicPan !!!


Shall continue to post more exciting recipes and hope to get your continued encouragement!!




To celebrate MyMagicPan’s 1st Birthday, I made these Oreo Pops. Dont they look cute??

These are super easy to make and would definitely grab any kids attraction. Its sure to be a sooper-dooper hit in any kids get-together/party!!! This was in my to-do list since I saw this recipe here. Could there a better ocassion to make these?

Now to the recipe…

[Preparation Time – 20 mins : Freezing Time- 40 mins]



  • Oreo Cookies – 16 nos
  • Cream Cheese – 2 tbsp
  • Dark Chocolate – 50 gms
  • White Chocolate – 50 gms
  • Sprinkles – for decorating
  • Lollipop sticks – as required ( I used straws as I didn’t have them)


  • Crush oreo biscuits into a coarse powder(no big pieces though) in a blender. U can alternatively crush them in a zip lock bag with a pin roller too. Add cream cheese to it and mix so that it combines well. It should be like a dough.

edit0010Β edit0014Β edit0016

  • Pinch a small amount of the dough and make a small ball. Take a tray and line with baking paper and place the ball on it.Continue the same with the remaining dough. Cover it with another baking sheet and freeze for 30 mins.

edit0022Β edit0029Β edit0033

  • It will become a bit hard after freezing. Meanwhile melt white and dark chocolate separately in a microwave for about 40 to 50 seconds. It should be in pouring consistency.

edit0041Β edit0034Β edit0047

  • Dip the pop sticks in the melted chocolate and insert it into the balls just half way through. Do this with the remaining balls. Dip each ball in the melted chocolate and rotate so that the ball is coated well. Tap it gently to get rid of any excess chocolate.

edit0051Β edit0054Β edit0057

  • Decorate with any sprinkles of your choice before the chocolate coating dries off. Similarly continue the same process with the remaining balls.

edit0061Β edit0066Β edit0068

Freeze it for 10 mins so that the Oreo Pops are dry and set.

Keep refrigerated and serve it anytime just like any other chocolate.

Kids woud love these Oreo Pops. Chotu was super happy to see these and loved it !!! πŸ™‚




  1. I would highly recommend using lollipop sticks. I used straws because I could not get them. It did work well too.
  2. If u do not have either of them, just skip it and make Oreo Balls following the same procedure as above.
  3. Add cream cheese little by little if u have a doubt. The mixture should be in the form of a dough and come together to form a ball.
  4. While decorating keep all the sprinkles handy as u need to act quickly before the chocolate dries.
  5. If u are making a large batch of Oreo Pops, melt the chocolate in batches too. Otherwise it will become dry and hard.
  6. If u do not have a microwave, melt the chocolate in double boiler method. Keep a pan with water to boil and place the chocolate in another bowl on top of it and stir until it melts. I feel its much easier to microwave.
  7. U can decorate the Oreo Pops as per your choice. Go creative.

7 comments to Oreo Pops – Oreo Cookie Pops

  • veena  says:

    Congrats on great milestone.. Many more to come Sundari.. Pops looks too tempting

  • Priya  says:

    Congrats sis, way to go.. Those pops looks damn cute and delicious.

  • shalini  says:

    I love ur recipes

  • Jayanthisindhiya  says:

    Hearty congrats,lovely pops and so colourful

  • gayathri  says:

    pops looks cute and yummy.

  • Sony's kitchen  says:

    Congrats dear…… Pops lookin colorful !

  • Ritu ahuja  says:

    It looks yummy πŸ™‚

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