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I ammm… Before that!!! I am so excited that you are curious to know about me.

I had never ever dreamt thought of starting a blog of my own, but here I am…

I love books-Have always been fascinated by the way, various authors pen down their thoughts/ideas. Have wondered how they do this..

Look forward to write to all about my passion in plain, simple, style of English.

Cooking, for a woman is inherited naturally from her mother, and am no exception to it!!

I love and admire my mom’s ingenious methods of cooking, which adds a magical taste and try to follow some of them..

I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my hubby and 6 7 812 13 year old son.

My son is a very picky eater, has a scheduled list of items that he likes/eats. So he is the reason behind the genesis of this blog, but for him, I would not hunt or try new recipes.

Am a vegetarian, so please do expect veg recipes here. Hope to c u often!!


And finally to add on “I am Sundari Nathan”  🙂


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My Magic Pan Author Sundari Nathan

29 comments to About Me – Author My Magic Pan

  • imaddy  says:

    Woo Hoo!!!! Way to go Sundari …!! All the best and look forward for more interesting mouthwatering recipes . 🙂

  • Deepu  says:

    good start Sundari, way to go

  • Valla Mohi  says:

    Congrats Sundari,very good start and we are excepting more recipes not only in the blog ,in our dinning table also.

  • Lavanya  says:

    Welcome Dear…

    Enjoy Blogging! it is surely a great way to learn cooking!!

    Wishing You All The Best in Blogging!

  • Umee  says:

    Way to go Sundari! Picture by picture demonstration is awesome. Looking forward for more recipes 🙂

  • Prash  says:

    Akka, Awesome .. looking forward to more recipes ..

  • Alli Ramanathan  says:

    Hey…….Superb Sundari. Goodluck.

  • Nisha Selvakumar  says:

    Awesome… I am going to be a biggggg fan of your blog for sure…

  • vijayan  says:

    Looking forward to Bitter Gourd Sabji. Its one of our favourite dishes unfortunately we couldnt convince our kids.

  • Shaanu  says:

    Hey Sundari … Woh….. accha laga tera website Dekhe …. Finally aaj mauka mila dekhne ke liye ..hmmmmm yummy dishes.., all the best … Take care …

  • vadivel  says:

    please konjam tamil font use pannunga….very useful for us…..congrats….

  • Pratheeksha Deepak  says:

    Sundari anni….Congrats…a good start…

  • Deepak Mani  says:

    Goodluck Sundari…..

  • Pratheeksha Deepak  says:

    Looking forward to more recipes…..Good luck anni:)

  • Deepak Mani  says:

    Good luck….

  • Veda  says:

    Superb sundari…. I too have wanted to start a blog. Happy that my friend has done that. COngrats…Good luck dear 🙂

  • admin  says:

    Thank u all for your lovely wishes!!

  • Aravind NG  says:

    Great start. This wud b really helpful for those who love to learn this wonderful art. Athithi Devo Bhava!

  • MyKitchenOdyssey  says:

    Nice to know more abut u sundari ..SO many well wishers list

  • Divya  says:

    Hi Sundari N I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Check it out at http://chefdivya.wordpress.com/awards/

  • Naga  says:

    Awesome Akka. Nice to see.

  • Ramesh  says:

    i rely enjoyed you’re all the Indian recipe i am right now in Dubai working in a Indian restaurant and i am looking alleyways new dices….thank u

  • Vidhya  says:

    Hi Sundari, nice blog. Easy to follow description and vivid photos.

  • Soma Prabhakaran  says:

    I really loved what you have written about yourself nice and simple…:). Hope to see more recepies…

  • sharada  says:

    Hi Sundari, wonderful recipes with crisp pictures. the step by step picture is the highlight.way to go..all the best ..waiting for more..

  • vandhana aravind  says:

    hi sundari madam I like the way u demonstrate line by line. u r doing a awesome job eventhough u r miles apart.we expect more recipes from u .thanku somuch

  • Sindhu  says:

    Hi – I just stumbled upon your blog and liked your recipes

  • Ramalingam S  says:

    I’m a retired senior citizen, here for the first time. Got introduced through My Magic Pan fb page. Wish to visit your blog often. Your recipes are good. My family wants to explore.

    • Sundari Nathan  says:

      Thank u Sir 🙂

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