Potato Murukku – Aloo Chakli

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Potato is my favourite or to say it is mostly everybody’s favourite. It is such a versatile veggie that it tastes good in any form, be it a simple fry or halwa or this Murukku. This Potato Murukku is an easy, crunchy and addictive snack, perfect for a special ocassion like Diwali or as a tea time snack. It is a very simple and instant recipe. The only point to be remembered is to mash potato into a smooth paste.

Have you checked my Potato Halwa recipe??

Now to the recipe…



[Preparation Time-10 mins : Cooking Time- 30 mins]


  • Rice flour / Idiyappam flour – 2 cups
  • Roasted gram dal flour – 1/4 cup (optional)
  • Potato – 1
  • Salt – as needed
  • Butter – 1 tbsp
  • Asafoetida – a generous pinch
  • Jeera / Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp
  • Oil – to deep fry






  • Boil or pressure cook potato. Once it cools, remove the skin and mash it well with a fork or potato masher. To this, sieve rice flour and roasted gram dal flour.

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  • Add butter, salt, asafoetida and cumin seeds. Mix well with your hands so that the potato and butter blend with the flour. It will look crumbly as in the pic below. Now add water little by little and make a soft dough. Keep it covered.

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  • Meanwhile heat a pan with oil enough to deep fry. Take a murukku press and stuff in some dough. I used the 3 hole achu. Press it in a circular motion once or twice on a ladle to form a murukku. I keep 3 to 4 ladles handy and make a batch at the same time.

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  • Drop it in hot oil and cook evenly on both sides until the sss sound and bubble ceases. Drain it in paper towels. Once cooled completely store in an air-tight container.

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That’s it!! Yummy Potato Murukku is ready!!

Enjoy with a hot cup of coffee!!





  1. The most important point is to mash the potatoes without any bits. If u are not sure, u can grind it into a smooth paste in a mixer too.
  2. Adding roasted gram dal flour is optional. U can skip it if u dont want as mashed potato acts as a binding agent.
  3. If the murukku breaks while making swirls, u need to add little more water to the dough for a smooth and even flow.
  4. Do not make too many swirls, else the potato muruku will be thick.
  5. Do not overcrowd the oil. Just make 3 to 4 murukkus in one batch.
  6. Ensure oil is hot when u deep fry. Fry it in medium flame always. Else it will get burnt and spoil the taste.

12 comments to Potato Murukku – Aloo Chakli

  • Traditionallymodernfood  says:

    Crispy and yummy..ur Diwali preparation are in full swing..super pa

  • marudhuskitchen  says:

    super melting murukku…so nice

  • Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen  says:

    Chaklis look super delish.

  • Jeena  says:

    Murukku – always welcomed….Delicious.

  • Nalini Somayaji  says:

    Yummy and crispy potato muruku….lovely recipe…

  • veena  says:

    so crispy and tasty murukku! Happy Diwali

  • Sadhna Grover  says:

    This is a good idea of adding potato in it, can really make it crispy. I want to enjoy them with tea.

  • Sony's Kitchen  says:

    Looks so tempting!

  • Sathya @Mykitchenodyssey  says:

    wow !! potato murukku looks delicious ..Entirely innovative.

  • Hema  says:

    The murukku looks so crispy and delicious, such beautiful texture..

  • JollyHomemadeRecipes  says:

    Chakli looks so crispy and super yum !!

  • Jeena  says:

    Murukku is just soooo mouthwatering…I love murukkus and this is just sooo crispy looking and tasty.

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