Muskmelon Smoothie – Cantaloupe Smoothie

June 9, 2015 DrinksSummer Special  9 comments

Muskmelon or canataloupe or khirni pazham (in tamil) is a refreshing fruit, perfectly hydrating for the summer. I can have this as is, but Chotu is such a fussy eater especially when it comes to fruits. This Muskmelon Smoothie is yet another successful attempt 

I still remember those young days, when we used to dry the seeds in the sun and eat it. Due to less sunlight here, I just discarded them 

So here u go with a simple and truly exhilarating drink, and if u are a fussy person like Chotu this is for you 

Now to the recipe…




[Preparation Time-10 mins : Cooking Time- NIL]


  • Muskmelon/Cantaloupe – 1
  • Orange juice – 1/2 cup (4 to 5 oranges)
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp (optional)





  • Halve the cantaloupe and deseed it. U can either dry it in the sun and have it or discard the seeds. Peel the skin and chop the fruit into cubes.

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  • Squeeze 4 to 5 oranges and keep the juice ready. Take the cantaloupe pieces and sugar(if using) in a mixer and blend it until smooth. Add the orange juice and just whip in once or twice.

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Thats it!! Refreshing Muskmelon Smoothie is ready.

Serve chilled.





  1. The muskmelon’s skin will be quite hard to peel. U can scoop out the flesh with a spoon too.
  2. U can use honey instead of sugar or skip it totally depending upon the sweetness of the muskmelon.
  3. The Muskmelon Smoothie tastes best when consumed immediately.
  4. U can use lemon juice instead of orange juice too. May be just 1/2 a lemon.

9 comments to Muskmelon Smoothie – Cantaloupe Smoothie

  • Sathya @Mykitchenodyssey  says:

    Wonderful juice,a real refresher in summer days

  • Nalini Somayaji  says:

    Muskmelon smoothie looks lovely perfect choice for any time …

  • marudhuskitchen  says:

    The orangishness is shown very well with addition of orange juice..lovely

  • Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen  says:

    Smoothie looks gorgeous and refreshing!

  • Praba Bubesh  says:

    what a lovely colour…smoothie’s very inviting…

  • swathi  says:

    Delicious Smoothie I am going to make this when I buy cantaloupe.

  • kushi  says:

    love the combo dear!its yummy and refreshing

  • traditionallymodernfood  says:

    Ever since childhood days during summer my Amma prepares this..can I have a glass ..looks perfect

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    […] the smoothie makes our smoothie healthier and fresher. The café never wants to compromise on the ingredients of smoothie like the most important thing is that we offer fresh ingredients for the […]

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