Nutella Ice Cream

June 24, 2015 Ice CreamsSummer Special  14 comments

Do u love Nutella? I am just crazy about it. I can eat it with anything and everything!! This Nutella Ice Cream is an easy, no cook, no churn ice cream recipe. After the successful attempt of my Vanilla Ice Cream, I wanted to try more ice cream recipes. I made this for a special occasion and it was a super hit!! With just a few ingredients u can treat yourself with this creamy, yummy ice cream!! Do I need to tempt u even more ?? 

Now to the recipe…



[Preparation Time-15 mins : Freezing Time- 6-8 hrs or overnight ]


  • Whipping cream – 1 cup
  • Milk – 3/4 th cup
  • Condensed milk – 1/4 cup
  • Nutella – 1/2 cup





  • Take whipping cream in a wide bowl. It must be chilled. Beat it with an electrical beater until u reach soft peaks. The cream would have increased in volume.

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  • To this add condensed milk and milk. Blend well so that all the ingredients mix well.

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  • Now finally add the star of the recipe – Nutella. Blend well to form a creamy mixture.

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  • Pop the mixture in the freezer for 6 to 8 hrs or overnight. Next day u are ready to scoop out the creamy Nutella Ice Cream.

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Thats it!! Nutella Ice Cream is ready!!

Scoop out as much as u want!!





  1. This Nutella Ice Cream does not require to be blended in between freezing. No ice crystals will be formed.
  2. U can add as much or as less of Nutella according to your taste.
  3. U can toast a few hazelnuts, crush them coarsely and add it.
  4. The mixture will look creamy before freezing. It will be perfect after setting. Just make sure to whip the cream upto soft peaks and then mix the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Use whipping cream with a minimum fat content of 35%
  6. I just blended my ice cream mixture in a freezer proof bowl and freezed it in the same, making it a one pot ice cream. 🙂




I tried really hard not to use condensed milk, but just could not resist combining it with nutella. Trust me it was so creamy and yummy. The hardest part in making this Nutella Ice Cream is to wait till it sets. I was so impatient and kept checking every 1 hour. 

The long wait did pay off. It was much better than the store bought ice creams!!

14 comments to Nutella Ice Cream

  • Moumita Malla  says:

    So creamy. .my daughter loves Nuttela. .ll try it surely

  • marudhuskitchen  says:

    love the creamy smoothness of the icecream

  • gayathri  says:

    yummy icecream. nice texture.

  • Gloria  says:

    I feel like having two scoops of this yummy ice cream

  • Shobana vijay  says:

    Drooling here

  • Sadhna Grover  says:

    Hi Sundari, This looks and sounds good. In my house always a bottle of nutella is there.

  • Praba Bubesh  says:

    wow..that’s a simple and delicious icecream…

  • minnie@thelady8home  says:

    Absolutely delicious!!! Yummm!

  • veena  says:

    wow! Sundari this is soooooo tempting what a creamy texture

  • Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen  says:

    OH YUMMY! Nutella ice-cream looks so delish, refreshing and creamy!

  •  says:

    Wow this nutella icecream is looking so gorgeous !! well done !!

  • swathi  says:

    Delicious love this nutella ice cream. Nutella is banned my house as my little one is highly allergic to nutella.

  • Nalini Somayaji  says:

    lovely nutella ice cream…delicious and inviting to grab a cup of ice cream .

  • padma  says:

    Yummy!!…Loved the texture!!

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