Varagu Sakkarai Pongal – Millet Sweet Pongal

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I have always wanted to try millet sakkarai pongal. The procedure to make this Varagu Sakkarai Pongal is very similar to the normal Sakkarai Pongal made with rice. This is perfect to make for Pongal festival. Actually to be honest, we did not find any difference in the taste, in the sense it tasted as good as the normal Sakkarai Pongal. When there is no compromise in taste, why not choose a much healthier option?!?  Do check my Aval Sakkarai Pongal as well.. Varagu is known as Kodo Millet in english.

PS: For all my friends here, Varagu/Kodo Millet is available in our Indian shop.

Now to the recipe…


Varagu Sakkarai Pongal My Magic Pan

[Preparation Time-5 mins : Cooking Time- 20 mins]

Varagu Sakkarai Pongal Ingredients:

  • Varagu/Kodo Millet – 1/2 cup
  • Moong Dal – 2 tbsp
  • Jaggery – 1 cup
  • Ghee – 4 to 5 tbsp
  • Cashewnuts – few
  • Cardamom powder – a generous pinch


Varagu Sakkarai Pongal My Magic Pan



  • Heat a pan and roast moong dal until u get a nice aroma. Take varagu arisi and moong dal, wash it and add 2 cups of water. Pressure cook for a whistle and simmer for 5-7 mins. Switch off the flame. It must be cooked soft so that it becomes mushy when mashed.

Step Step_0634 Step_0640

  • Mash it well and add a tbsp of ghee. I just love this aroma. Yumm!! Meanwhile take crushed jaggery in a pan and add water just up to immersing level. Heat and bring it to a boil. No consistency is required, it is just that the jaggery must get dissolved. Strain it with a strainer and add it to the mashed varagu mixture.

Step_0643 Step_0650 Step_0657

  • Mix well and cook this for a few mins. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Finally heat a pan with ghee and fry cashewnuts until golden brown. Transfer this to the sakkarai pongal.

Step_0666 Step_0669 Step_0672


Thats it!! Varagu Sakkarai Pongal is ready!!

Serve warm topped with a dollop of ghee.


Varagu Sakkarai Pongal My Magic Pan



  1. The colour of the Varagu Sakkarai Pongal totally depends upon the jaggery u use.
  2. I always add jaggery in the ratio 1:2, U can add equal amount of jaggery too.
  3. Varagu Sakkarai Pongal will get thicker once it cools down. So switch off the flame accordingly.
  4. U can add raisins along with cashewnuts.
  5. Serve it warm drizzled with some ghee. Tastes divine!


Varagu Sakkarai Pongal My Magic Pan

– By Sundari Nathan

7 comments to Varagu Sakkarai Pongal – Millet Sweet Pongal

  • Priya Santhamohan  says:

    Priya @asmallbite
    What a healthy and delicious treat!!!

  • Sharmila -The Happiefriends Potpourri Corner  says:

    Such a healthy version of the regular Pongal. I am loving it!!

  • Moumita Malla  says:

    Woow…so mouthwatering dish…

  • sudha  says:

    delicious dessert…….perfect for this pongal.

  • Hema  says:

    Healthy twist to the delicious Pongal, yumm..

  • marudhuskitchen  says:

    this looks outstanding and healthy

  • shobha  says:

    Healthy & delicious dessert must try.

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