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As Navaratri has started wanted to begin with a sundal variety. Navarati is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. Sundal is an ideal dish during Navaratri. This Karamani Sweet Sundal is an easy sundal variety made with Karamani. Other names are Lobia or Black eyed peas.  U can serve this as a snack too rather than just during navaratri days. While most of my sundal varieites would be salted/spicy versions this sweet one is my favourite. Do try my Peanut Sundal as well which is yet another protein-rich sundal. 

Now to the recipe

 Karamani Sweet Sundal Recipe My Magic Pan

Karamani Sweet Sundal Ingredients:

  • Karamani – 1 cup
  • Jaggery(powdered) – 1 cup
  • Elachi powder – 1 pinch
  • Coconut – 2 tbsp


  •  Dry roast karamani till it changes color and a nice aroma comes from it. (As a result, it will get cooked quickly) Pressure cook it for 5 -6 whistles, It should be soft not mushy. Soak jaggery in water just till immersing level for 10 mins (We dont  want a watery syrup so add less water).Heat it till it bubbles. Strain it to remove impurities.

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  • Mix the cooked karamani and jaggery syrup and stir until it absorbs the syrup. Finally add grated coconut and elaichi powder. Mix so that all the ingredients blend well.

Karamani Sweet Sundal edit0008


Quick and tasty Karamani Sweet Sundal is ready!!

Serve warm!!


Karamani Sweet Sundal Recipe My Magic Pan


  1. Be patient while dry roasting karamani
  2. The taste will totally differ if its not dry roasted properly.
  3. Jaggery syrup should be thick, so that the karamani can absorb it. If its watery sundal will become soggy.
  4. You can temper with mustard and a red chilli for a sweet as well as spicy sundal.
  5. This sundal is an instant one, does not require any soaking time.

Goodness of Lobia:

  1. Firstly, Its a good source of fiber and iron.
  2. Secondly, Its rich in anti-oxidants.


– By Sundari Nathan

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