My Magic Pan Blog Anniversary

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Today is My Magic Pan Blog Anniversary. Yes! My Magic Pan is entering into its 5th year of blogging! “Friends I have come up with an idea of starting a blog….” This is how my blogging journey started same day in 2013. Just started as a hobby out of my passion for cooking and today it is my IDENTITY! 🙂 The name My Magic Pan has added magic to my name as well. Yes! People call me Magic-Sundari, MagicPan-Sundari… Am so happy and thankful to each and everyone of you for supporting me all these years and hope to get the same in the future too.

To begin with, blogging was not at all easy. Being an amateur photographer (am still one) it was difficult to take step-wise pics. The dis-advantages of day-light in this country was an addition to it. But all that was an initial teething problem. Now, am so addicted to my passion and its such a breeze to not only click pics but also video-making. My camera is an essential ingredient available in my kitchen! 🙂

I had been sharing some special recipes to mark this milestone in the past years. This year, thought of sharing a round up of the past 4 years! So here u go with My Magic Pan Blog Anniversary special! Below are the top most recipes, favourite ones, Chotu’s favourites, the list goes on.. U can click each pic to get the recipe..


Bhindi Crisps My Magic Pan Paal Kova My Magic Pan

Aloo Halwa My Magic Pan Oats Idli My Magic Pan


My Magic Pan Blog Anniversary


Gobi Manchurian My Magic Pan  Mozzarella Sticks My Magic Pan

Bread Vada My Magic Pan Baby Potato Fry My Magic Pan Chocolate Ice Cream My Magic Pan

Mini Idli Sambar My Magic Pan Garlic Bread My Magic Pan North Indian Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


Here are some videos…






Once again thanking you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement! 🙂

Below are some useful links to follow My Magic Pan:






Stay tuned for more! 🙂


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