How to clean Vazhaipoo – Banana Flower

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How to clean Vazhaipoo! This post is a “Back to Basics” post. Vazhaipoo is a power-packed vegetable. It is known for its various health benefits like regulating/reducing blood sugar levels, increase haemoglobin & of course has a lot of nutrients. I agree cleaning Vazhaipoo is a time consuming process. But trust me! It is worth the time spent for its health benefits. Just have a look at the video and see how easy it is. It is just time consuming & not difficult. So listen to some music or watch TV and do this job. It will be easy 🙂

Make sure to include Vazhaipoo in your diet at least once or twice in a month. I love to post basic recipes. It would not only be useful for beginners but also be a good reminder to make these.

Here is the video..



Now to the cleaning process.


How to clean Vazhaipoo My Magic Pan


[Preparation Time-30 mins ]

How to clean Vazhaipoo Ingredients:

  • Vazhaipoo/Banana Flower – 1
  • Oil – to grease your hands
  • Curd – 1 tbsp
  • Water – 3 cups


How to clean Vazhaipoo My Magic Pan



  • Take the Vazhaipoo and remove the outer cover. Collect the bigger florets & smaller florets separately in a plate. As u get deeper u will be able to find a white, tender/blossom part. It is good to use. U can chop it and use.


  • Now for the cleaning part, u will be able to see a stamen part with a head and a petal part. Remove & discard it. Repeat for all the florets. Keep the cleaned florets immersed in buttermilk to avoid discolouring.



Thats it! Vazhaipoo cleaning is done!

I made Vazhaipoo Vadai. Post coming next 🙂


How to clean Vazhaipoo My Magic Pan



  1. Grease your hands with oil, as vazhaipoo will stain your hands.
  2. Keep the cleaned Vazhaipoo immersed in buttermilk so that it will not change colour.
  3. I cleaned the vazhaipoo the previous day, refrigerated it in buttermilk and made the vada’s the next day. It was perfectly fine.
  4. U can even chop and keep it, but immersed in buttermilk only.


How to clean Vazhaipoo My Magic Pan


– By Sundari Nathan

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