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Just to remind u all that I have been posting a Lunch Menu Series , this week it is an elaborate South Indian Lunch Menu 🙂 This Menu consists of Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Vazhakkai Fry, Seppankizhangu/Arbi Fry & Medhu Vadai. Once in a while we love to have an elaborate meal like this. Tamil la sonna Full Kattu 🙂 The only thing missing in this is a payasam. Otherwise this would have been a complete meal. Never mind, shall include in yet another meal. Have mentioned suggestions below for you to include though 🙂

Now to the recipe..


South Indian Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


[Preparation Time-30 mins : Cooking Time- 60 mins : Soaking Time – 2 hours]

South Indian Lunch Menu Recipe Links:



Vazhakkai Fry

Seppankizhangu Fry

Medhu Vadai


Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


Quick Tips:

  1. Soaking urad dal is the 1st step. I did this as as soon as I woke up, So that it would be easy to prepare for lunch. When u start cooking, pressure cook toor dal for the sambar.
  2. Meanwhile chop onion and drumstick. Saute the onion and cook the drumstick in tamarind+sambar powder mixture. By this time the toor dal would have been cooked and ready. Add it to the cooked drumstick, boil it and add the tempering. Sambar ready.
  3. Meanwhile when the sambar is boiling, cook seppankizhangu in another stove. Chop raw banana and fry it. That can be done very quickly.
  4. Grind the urad dal for medhu vadai. At the same time prepare rasam and fry the seppankizhangu on the other side.
  5. Pressure cook rice.
  6. By this time the batter would be ready. Make the vadas and fry appalam in the same oil.


South Indian Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


Other Suggestions:

U can make Potato Fry. Do have a look at my wide collection of potato recipes HERE.

Another variation to Arbi fry is this recipe.

U can make any other rasam instead of Lemon Rasam. Options HERE.

Include Javvarisi Payasam or Moong Dal Payasam to make it even more special 🙂


Lunch Menu Series My Magic Pan


– By Sundari Nathan

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