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Wish u all a very happy & prosperous New Year! 🙂 Usually I begin the new year with a sweet recipe. This year thought of sharing a variety of recipes with all tastes, including a sweet though 🙂 As u all know that is how life is!! Just not sweet things happen to us. Now, dont want to get too philosophical here  This is a simple yet complete meal. Can be made quickly too. May this year be as colourful & tasty as this New Year Lunch Menu. 🙂

Now to the lunch menu!


New Year Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


[Preparation Time-30 mins : Cooking Time- 60 mins]

New Year Lunch Menu Recipe Links:

Lemon Rice

Coconut Rice

Tamarind Rice

Aval Sakkarai Pongal

Vazhaipoo Vadai – Recipe including vazhaipoo cleaning method coming soon 🙂


New Year Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


Quick Tips:

  1. First soak chana dal for the vadai. I cleaned the vazhaipoo the previous day and kept it refrigerated in buttermilk. Also soak aval/poha for the sakkarai pongal (for 10 mins). Meanwhile get the jaggery syrup ready and finish the sakkarai pongal.
  2. I kept 4 cups of rice, 1 cup each for the 4 varieties. Once cooked transfer to 4 different bowls. Mash one bowl of rice for curd rice while it is still hot. (Lazy me, my mom cooks rice separately for curd rice )
  3. Make the tempering for all the rices. For the tamarind rice just mix the pulikaichal. Thats done. For coconut rice, roast the coconut and add it to the rice along with required salt. Mix & coconut rice is ready. For lemon rice add a little water to the pan, add turmeric powder, salt & heat it. Transfer it to the rice and add lemon juice. Mix & lemon rice is ready. For the curd rice, add curd, milk, salt & mix. Add some coriander leaves. Curd rice is ready.
  4. By the time all this work is done, chana dal would be ready to grind. Grind it coarsely, add chopped vazhaipoo, salt, asafoetida, curry leaves and make crispy vadais.


New Year Lunch Menu My Magic Pan


Other Suggestions:

  1. U can make normal sakkarai pongal or millet sakkarai pongal.
  2. Other vadai options are Masala Vadai or Ulundu Vadai.
  3. Potato fry would be an additional treat to the above. Check varieties HERE.


New Year Lunch Menu My Magic Pan

– By Sundari Nathan

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