Pori Urundai – Karthigai Pori Urundai

November 22, 2015 Karthigai Deepam Recipes  10 comments

Pori Urundai is mostly made during Karthigai Deepam. Pori is nothing but puffed rice. It is mixed with jaggery syrup and made into balls. Its a crunchy, sweet snack that can be had on normal days too. Other recipes that we make during Karthigai are Paruppu Payasam and Appam.


Now to the recipe…



[Preparation Time-5 mins : Cooking Time- 15 mins]


  • Pori / Puffed Rice – 4 cups
  • Jaggery – 1 cup
  • Water – 1/2 cup
  • Ginger powder – 1/4 tsp





  • Take crushed jaggery in a pan and add water. Heat it until it dissolves well. Strain it using a filter to remove impurities.

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  • Now heat the jaggery syrup again. Add ginger powder and let it boil in low flame until it reaches a soft ball consistency. Keep a bowl of water and add a spoon of jaggery syrup to test it.

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  • U must be able to gather it with your hands and make a ball. The ball must be soft and not too hard. U must be able to press it. At this stage, switch off the flame and add the pori to the jaggery syrup. Mix well so that the jaggery syrup is coated evenly. Transfer the mixture to a plate and make balls when it is still warm.

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Thats it!! Sweet and crunchy Pori Urundai is ready!!

Store in an airtight container.



  1. The consistency of jaggery syrup is very important. It should be non-sticky, soft and not too hard. U will not be able to form balls if u switch off the flame early. If u switch it off late it will be very hard to bite the Pori Urundai.
  2. U can fry few coconut pieces in ghee and add it to the jaggery syrup along with ginger powder.
  3. U can grease your hands with ghee while shaping the Pori Urundai into balls if needed.
  4. The color of your Pori Urundai depends upon the jaggery u use.
  5. For the above measurements – U will get around 12-15 balls.

10 comments to Pori Urundai – Karthigai Pori Urundai

  • veena  says:

    most fav snack from my childhood..

  • Traditionallymodernfood  says:

    Al set for karthigai?:-) podi urundai turned out perfect

  • kushi  says:

    This looks so perfect and YUM

  • padma  says:

    perfectly made Pori urundai..u transported me to my childhood days 🙂

  • Nalini Somayaji  says:

    lovely pori urundai….let me have some ….

  • Hema  says:

    Pori Urundai looks perfect and well explained..

  • JollyHomemadeRecipes  says:

    It looks so delicious..my fav !!

  • Sonny's Kitchen  says:

    One of daughters fav snack!!

  • Jeena  says:

    My fav..and delicious ..Thanks for the step by step details. sure to try…

  • Padma Veeranki  says:

    Simplicity at its best… my all time favourite!!

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