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Banana Grape Smoothie

June 26, 2014 DrinksKids BaySummer Special  4 comments

Grape in a smoothie??? Its my least favourite fruit to make a smoothie. But I ended up making this Banana Grape Smoothie as Chotu wanted a smoothie with grapes. But for him, I wouldn’t have tried this combo at all.. Trust me it was just as delicious as any other smoothie. So if u are like me, just try making this simple yet yummy Banana Grape Smoothie.

Now t...

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Pudina Chaas – Mint Chaas – Mint Flavoured Buttermilk

June 13, 2014 DrinksHoli RecipesSummer Special  3 comments

Chaas is nothing but buttermilk. Pudina Chaas is a simple, yet refreshing drink that is perfect for summer months. It is made with yogurt, a bursting punch of mint leaves & a dash of roasted cumin seeds. It is good to include this Pudina Chaas as a regular part of our diet, as it not only acts as a summer cooler but also helps in digestion.


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Oreo Milkshake

June 2, 2014 DrinksKids BaySummer Special  4 comments

Oreo is Chotu’s favourite. He is just crazy about it. The moment I told the name ” Oreo Milkshake “, he wanted to help me in making it and just guessed the ingredients correctly :). Yes!! It’s so simple that even a child can guess it.

This Oreo Milkshake is ...

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Cucumber Cooler

May 15, 2014 DrinksHoli Recipes  9 comments

Hot summer days call for some cool refreshing drinks. This Cucumber Cooler is one such fortifying drink with cucumbers and a flavour of mint & lime. This is great on a dry, hot summer day or after a tired workout. It gives you so much energy and re-hydrates the body. So beat the heat with this simple & easy cucumber cooler!!!

Now to ...

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Mango Banana Smoothie

April 21, 2014 DrinksKids BayMango RecipesSummer Special  9 comments

A smoothie is a thick, smooth drink made out of fresh fruit combined with yogurt, milk or ice cream. This Mango Banana Smoothie is an incredibly delicious smoothie made of fresh mangoes and a flavour of banana. U can start your day with this fresh fruity smoothie as it is very filling and wholesome. I am sure kids would love it too..

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Chocolate Banana Milkshake – Choco Banana Milkshake

March 24, 2014 DrinksKids BaySummer Special  5 comments

Milkshakes & Ice-creams are always a “YES” for me – No matter, how cold the weather may be.. Hope its the same with you, especially KIDS!! I have one fussy kid at home who refuses to eat fruits.

So this Chocolate Ban...

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