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Egg Kothu Parotta – Kothu Parotta Street Style

January 22, 2021 Breakfast/DinnerEgg Recipes  No comments

This post is about street style Egg Kothu Parotta. Well If you do not eat egg, just dont turn off this post, you can skip the eggs and make it. Or check this another version of Chilli Parotta if interested. Road side shops are very famous for this Egg Kothu Parotta. They will have a large dosa pan and literally mince the parottas along with other ingredients. Just love it. But I have just made it in an usual kadai. Do check out the video with my voiceover 🙂

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Chilli Parotta – Chilli Kothu Parotta

March 1, 2014 Bachelor Friendly RecipesBreakfast/Dinner  6 comments

Chilli Parotta is a popular fast food/street food in TamilNadu. I would say the road side shops serve tastier Chilli Parotta than the restaurants. They call it Kothu Parotta. It is a mix of bite sized pieces of parotta along with onion, capsicum & sauces. It is very easy to make at home if u have frozen parottas in hand. U can add or have some Veg Kurma along with it too.


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