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Liebster Award – I haven’t even heard of this term before. Have you? Well if u are like me, a small introduction about the award would help. This award origins from Germany, the term “Liebster” means DEAREST and this is given to bloggers by other bloggers.

Are you wondering why I am writing about this award instead of any normal recipe post??

I am, because I have got 2 of this awards from Sathya Priya & Ruchi Indu.

Thank you Sathya & Ruchi for granting me the awards !!! 🙂


There are some rules for this award.

1) This is an award passed on to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. A means to identify new blogs and create more friends.
2) Thank the blogger who have passed on this award to you.
3) Answer the questions that the blogger has posted for you.
4) Identify some other new bloggers to whom you would like to pass on this award.
5) Identify some questions that you would like your fellow bloggers to answer.

So now to the questions asked by Sathya & Ruchi and my answers for the same.

Questions by Sathya:

  • What brought you to blogging? your passion or passtime?

My passion for cooking drove me to start a blog. More than a time pass, I am so addicted to it that it has become a full time job for me 🙂

  • Give a little introduction about your family?

We are a sweet family of 3!!! Me, my hubby and our 6 year old son.

  • What is your favourite food ?

Roti, Naan, etc – Basically North Indian..

  • Apart from indian food what is your most favorite food? Are you open to try other cusines ?

Pizza & Pasta are my favourites. I try a lot of these Italian recipes at home and have blogged a few too..

  • Your cooking guru?

Undoubtedly MY MOM!!!

  • Who is your inspiration ?

Sanjeev Kapoor

  • You like blogging or cook and click?

I like cook and click as I love to try new recipes. Next comes blogging.

  • Your signature dish ?

Paneer Butter Masala

  • Favourite recipe in your blog?

Kaju Katli – I find this to be the most easiest sweet too.

  • How well you know your kitchen ? If you lose electricity can you take everything from the right place ?

To be honest, I can get the most commonly used ingredients used in day-to-day cooking. Others that are rarely used may be difficult.


 Questions by Ruchi:

  • Few words about yourself and your blog

I am Sundari Nathan. My blog is and it is all about vegetarian cooking. I post my recipes with simple step by step pictures making it easy even for a beginner to try my recipes..

  • Which is your favourite food

Roti, Naan, etc – Basically North Indian..

  • Any dish which you haven’t yet prepared but would love to prepare

Chocolates, ice creams and more cakes are all in my TO-DO list..

  • Do you have any obstacles to blogging? How did you overcome them?

Initially I found it difficult to click & cook. Now my camera is the HERO of my kitchen.

  • Your inspiration?

Sanjeev Kapoor.

  • What was the first dish you prepared by yourself.

As far as I remember, its Poori & Potato masala when I was in 6th Std. I made it in my school competition – of course with some adults help!!

  • The dish which you love to cook and why?

Snacks varieties like murukku, oma podi etc as its my family favourite.

  • Your signature dish?

 Paneer Butter Masala

  • Any two recipes which you would like to try from my blog (provide link)

Homemade Wheat Bread & Pavakai Pitlai

  • some words to budding bloggers.

Enjoy cooking & blogging, It is surely the best way to learn/master the art of cooking. Am a newbie too. So I say this to myself as well!! 🙂


Phew!! Am done with my rapid fire session. Now its my turn to pass it on other bloggers and ask some questions 🙂


Congratulations my dear foodie fellows!!

My nominees are :

Vani Padmanaban of

Quirkygirl of

Divya of

Pavithra Manoj of

Suja Ilangovan of

Shwetha Suresh of

Rani Sundar of

Prethika of


 My questions to Nominees are:

  1. What is the reason for starting a blog?
  2. Which is your favourite cuisine?
  3. Which one do u think plays an important role in food blogging? Photographs or recipes?Why?
  4. Who is your best critic & support?
  5. Has blogging changed the way u cook?How?
  6. Your favourite cookery show.
  7.  What is the average time/day you spend for your blog?
  8. The best recipe in your blog.

10 comments to Liebster Award

  • shwetha  says:

    Nice post on the award.Great concept of making friends and definitely very inspiring for new bloggers.Thanks for nominating! Will answer thoseinteresting questions soon:)

  • v.marudhavani  says:


  • Ambika  says:

    Great going!!I love simplicity and accuracy of the recipes in your blog.
    I follow the measurements of the “your” recipes as is(which I never do otherwise) because I know it gives amazing results.It creates a confidence to try the new dishes.
    Waiting to meet you(soon) for the real feast!!

  • MyKitchenOdyssey  says:

    Great to know about u sundari .Do keep in touch…

  • Divya  says:

    Thanks sundari for the nomination. Will answer those questions soon. You have a lovely blog. Look forward to your recipes 🙂

  • Malini  says:

    Congrats & looking forward to have some traditional sweets like neyvilangai, munthirikothu etc…

  • Pavithra  says:

    thanks for nominating me for this award…

  • Rani Sundar  says:

    Thanks for nominating me, Sundari!

  • Aparna Anand  says:

    Thanks a bunch for nominating me, Sundari. You have a lovely blog here. Am putting up my award now and going thru the questions.

  • Austin  says:

    Love the recipes on your blog. Looking forward to more delicious treats.

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