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Baingan Bartha

March 21, 2015 Dry Sabji  12 comments

I had posted this Baingan Bartha long back. Just wanted to update with new pics as I was not satisfied with the old ones. So here it is – As a new post!! 🙂

Brinjal is not liked by all, but it is one among chotu’s favorites.Hubby who hates brinjal, likes to eat it in this form.. It goes very well with rice or chapathi.

Whenever I make this sabji, we dont need a kuzhambu as this serves as a 2 in 1 recipe. I usually make it in quite a large batch and store it as a thooku for a week in the refrigerator!!

Now about t...

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Brinjal Podi Curry – Kathirkkai Podi Curry

September 2, 2014 Aubergine/BrinjalKootu / Poriyal Varieties  3 comments

Me and my son can eat brinjal in any form and this Brinjal Podi Curry is no-exception. We both love the freshly ground “podi” (powder) that I use in this recipe. This goes well with rice, sambar/rasam. Curd rice and this Brinjal Podi Curry is the best combo 🙂

Now to the ...

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