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I ammm… Before that!!! I am so excited that you are curious to know about me.

I had never ever dreamt thought of starting a blog of my own, but here I am…

I love books-Have always been fascinated by the way, various authors pen down their thoughts/ideas. Have wondered how they do this..

Look forward to write to all about my passion in plain, simple, style of English.

Cooking, for a woman is inherited naturally from her mother, and am no exception to it!!

I love and admire my mom’s ingenious methods of cooking, which adds a magical taste and try to follow some of them..

I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my hubby and 6 7 8 9 year old son.

My son is a very picky eater, has a scheduled list of items that he likes/eats. So he is the reason behind the genesis of this blog, but for him, I would not hunt or try new recipes.

Am a vegetarian, so please do expect veg recipes here. Hope to c u often!!


And finally to add on “I am Sundari N”  🙂


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27 comments to About Me

  • imaddy  says:

    Woo Hoo!!!! Way to go Sundari …!! All the best and look forward for more interesting mouthwatering recipes . 🙂

  • Deepu  says:

    good start Sundari, way to go

  • Valla Mohi  says:

    Congrats Sundari,very good start and we are excepting more recipes not only in the blog ,in our dinning table also.

  • Lavanya  says:

    Welcome Dear…

    Enjoy Blogging! it is surely a great way to learn cooking!!

    Wishing You All The Best in Blogging!

  • Umee  says:

    Way to go Sundari! Picture by picture demonstration is awesome. Looking forward for more recipes 🙂

  • Prash  says:

    Akka, Awesome .. looking forward to more recipes ..

  • Alli Ramanathan  says:

    Hey…….Superb Sundari. Goodluck.

  • Nisha Selvakumar  says:

    Awesome… I am going to be a biggggg fan of your blog for sure…

  • vijayan  says:

    Looking forward to Bitter Gourd Sabji. Its one of our favourite dishes unfortunately we couldnt convince our kids.

  • Shaanu  says:

    Hey Sundari … Woh….. accha laga tera website Dekhe …. Finally aaj mauka mila dekhne ke liye ..hmmmmm yummy dishes.., all the best … Take care …

  • vadivel  says:

    please konjam tamil font use pannunga….very useful for us…..congrats….

  • Pratheeksha Deepak  says:

    Sundari anni….Congrats…a good start…

  • Deepak Mani  says:

    Goodluck Sundari…..

  • Pratheeksha Deepak  says:

    Looking forward to more recipes…..Good luck anni:)

  • Deepak Mani  says:

    Good luck….

  • Veda  says:

    Superb sundari…. I too have wanted to start a blog. Happy that my friend has done that. COngrats…Good luck dear 🙂

  • admin  says:

    Thank u all for your lovely wishes!!

  • Aravind NG  says:

    Great start. This wud b really helpful for those who love to learn this wonderful art. Athithi Devo Bhava!

  • MyKitchenOdyssey  says:

    Nice to know more abut u sundari ..SO many well wishers list

  • Divya  says:

    Hi Sundari N I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Check it out at http://chefdivya.wordpress.com/awards/

  • Naga  says:

    Awesome Akka. Nice to see.

  • Ramesh  says:

    i rely enjoyed you’re all the Indian recipe i am right now in Dubai working in a Indian restaurant and i am looking alleyways new dices….thank u

  • Vidhya  says:

    Hi Sundari, nice blog. Easy to follow description and vivid photos.

  • Soma Prabhakaran  says:

    I really loved what you have written about yourself nice and simple…:). Hope to see more recepies…

  • sharada  says:

    Hi Sundari, wonderful recipes with crisp pictures. the step by step picture is the highlight.way to go..all the best ..waiting for more..

  • vandhana aravind  says:

    hi sundari madam I like the way u demonstrate line by line. u r doing a awesome job eventhough u r miles apart.we expect more recipes from u .thanku somuch

  • Sindhu  says:

    Hi – I just stumbled upon your blog and liked your recipes

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