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Biscuit Fridge Cake – No Bake Chocolate Fridge Cake

April 16, 2020 Bars N CookiesKids Bay  No comments

Hope you all are staying safe at home. Am posting this simple Biscuit Fridge Cake during this lockdown period to serve sudden cravings. Ingredients are all simple too. This is a No Bake cake. U just need to mix a few ingredients and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Thats it! You can involve your kids to make this simple yet yummy biscuit cake. Its a perfect recipe for birthday parties too. Do check my Peanut Butter Fudge which is also a no bake cake.

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Coffee Walnut Brownies – Eggless Brownies

April 20, 2017 AwardsBaked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas RecipesKids Bay  13 comments

Brownies – Am just crazy about them.. I can manage to eat brownies as a whole meal !! These delicious Coffee Walnut Brownies have a slight crust on top and are super soft and gooey inside. Its a heavenly combo of chocolate, coffee and crunchy walnuts!! Who would say NO to this?? A perfect treat/dessert for any special occasion or parties.. I came across this recipe from a cookbook and changed a few ingredients to suit our taste!! Its quick and easy to make too.. Do try my Choc Chip Shortbread too.

20/4/17 – Post updated with video πŸ™‚

Here is the...

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Homemade Chocolate – Easy Chocolate Recipe

March 8, 2017 Bars N CookiesSweets/Desserts  7 comments

Homemade Chocolate has been in my to do & trial list since a long time. I have tried making it 3 times using various methods – with milk powder, single string sugar consistency, microwave version!! And all of it has been a super flop!! It was not presentable and refused to leave the mould, but it did not go waste!!Β Β After all the attempts, finally this version worked well. This is a simple, no fail process with just 3 ingredients. If u do not like a coconut flavoured chocolate, u might not like this. To me it tasted like a smoother, no bits version of Bounty Chocolate. If u like Bounty, or coconut flavour in your chocolate then GO for it!! Do try my No bake Choco Nutty Cake.

Will sure...

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Peanut Butter Fudge – No Bake Peanut Butter Fudge

February 11, 2016 Baked GoodiesBars N Cookies  11 comments

Peanut Butter Fudge is a simple, no bake sweet treat for any occasion. If u love peanut butter this one is for u. It is the most easiest fudge with just 3 ingredients. I have already posted a No Bake Biscuit Cake earlier. This one is quite similar to it, U just have to heat a couple of ingredients, add sugar and refrigerate it. Tadaaa!! Peanut Butter Fudge will be ready!! Though it hardly takes 10 mins to make it, the boring part is to let it set in the fridge.

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Eggless Jam Cookies – Jam Cookies

December 12, 2015 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas Recipes  14 comments

Cookies are always Chotu’s favourite, especially colourful and attractive ones. My Vanilla Cookies and Sugar cookies top his favourite list. This Eggless Jam Cookies is an easy to make cookie with common ingredients available in your kitchen. These Jam Cookies are not only kids favourite but also adults. This has been in my to-do list since a long time. Finally made it as a sweet treat for Christmas!!

Now t...

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Spicy Ajwain Cookies – Salted Biscuits

May 8, 2015 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas Recipes  8 comments

Making salted biscuits at home was a long time wish for me. These ajwain cookies are a perfect tea time snack. It is crispy,salty, spicy and just melts in the mouth. And not to forget the magical aroma of ajwain/carom seeds!! What more can we ask for in a savoury biscuit?!? Not knowing that these are seriosly addictive, I just made a small batch. They just vanished in 2 days..

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Almond Cookies – Eggless Almond Cookies

March 15, 2015 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas Recipes  16 comments

Homemade cookies are always the best. They taste better than the store bought ones and are cheaper too. This Almond Cookies is yet another easy cookie variety. I would say its the simplest cookie ever. Just have to bring together a few ingredients and bake it. Tadaaaa!!! Almond Cookies will be ready in no time.

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Choc Chip Shortbread

December 30, 2014 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas Recipes  8 comments

Shortbread is our family favourite. This Choc Chip Shortbread is incredibly rich & tasty! Trust me they are so easy to make. U just have to mix together a few ingredients, make a simple dough out of it, bake it and cool it.. Thats it!! Yummy, buttery, crunchy Choc Chip Shortbread would be ready in no time. I got this recipe from a cook book, the same one from which I tried the Coffee Walnut Brownies.


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M&M Cookies – Smarties Cookies

November 13, 2014 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas RecipesKids Bay  2 comments

M&M or Smarties are always kids favourites. Its my favourite too. They are totally addictive. I wanted to post a kids recipe for Children’s Day and here you go with M&M Cookies/Smarties Cookies. These are super easy to make and are a definite treat to kids as well as adults. These are soft,chewy and crunchy cookies. U can use M&M’s or smarties, whichever u prefer..

I had bookmarked this recipe...

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Oreo Pops – Oreo Cookie Pops

October 2, 2014 Baked GoodiesBars N CookiesChristmas RecipesKids Bay  7 comments

Yay!!! Its celebration time!!! Yes today MyMagicPan turns 1. Its really hard to believe. It feels as if I just started the blog and its already a year!! I never imagined this. I am doing my best and hope to continue to keep my readers happy.

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