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Garlic Pickle Recipe – Instant Garlic Pickle

July 25, 2016 Pickles  4 comments


I love pickles!! Its a divine combo with curd rice. I am more than happy to have curd rice and pickle rather than an elaborate meal! This Garlic Pickle is an easy and lip-smacking pickle variety. Pickles are always the best when freshly made at home. My grandma was an expert in pickles, in fact in whatever she cooked. I have followed the same basic pickle powder that she used to make. This Garlic Pickle is yet another instant pickle that can made in just 15-20 mins.

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Nellikai Oorugai – Gooseberry Pickle

February 3, 2016 Pickles  8 comments


Homemade pickles are always drool worthy!! I would say, fresh pickles are a better choice than the store bought ones, which are loaded with preservatives. This Nellikai Oorugai / Gooseberry Pickle is a simple and lip-smacking pickle that can be made instantly. I was really excited to buy these gooseberries in our Indian shop last week. Immediately called my mom for the recipe and made it at once. Yumm!! We had this pickle with curd rice, chapathi, bread and what not!?!

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Mango Thokku – Grated Mango Pickle

April 14, 2015 Mango RecipesPicklesTamil New Year Recipes  14 comments


Mango Thokku – Just the name can make me drool!! No restaurant food can match a combo of curd rice and homemade mango pickle.. Do u agree? I have already posted a mango pickle recipe earlier. This is a slight variation to it. Without any preservative this homemade mango thokku tastes better than the store bought pickles. Goes well with anything and everything from bread to rice. Its easy to make too with no fancy ingredients..

Now t...

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Tomato Thokku – Tomato Pickle

November 30, 2014 CondimentsNO Onion NO GarlicPickles  9 comments


The word tomato thokku/tomato pickle makes me drool!! Slurp!! Its such a multi-purpose side dish that I can have this tomato pickle with almost anything and everything!!. I have already posted a tomato thokku recipe earlier. This one is my cousin’s version, yet another hit in our house.. If u r looking for a No onion No garlic recipe, this is the one for u!!

Now t...

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Instant Mango Pickle Recipe

January 31, 2014 CondimentsMango RecipesPicklesTamil New Year Recipes  3 comments


Yes, As the name suggests it is an instant mango pickle recipe. I am a big fan of mango pickle especially homemade. I should say, this is my grandma’s recipe. This is the best mango pickle recipe I have ever tasted.  Its very quick and easy too..

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