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Peanut Chutney

May 2, 2014 Chutney RecipesSide Dish for Idli/Dosa  10 comments

Peanut chutney is an easy, tasty & healthy chutney that’s goes well with soft idlis or dosa. Apart from roasting & peeling the peanuts there is not much work involved in this recipe.

To be honest ...

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Brinjal Chutney – Kathirikkai Thuvayal

March 20, 2014 Chutney RecipesSide Dish for Idli/Dosa  10 comments

Brinjal, Eggplant, Kathirikkai is my hubby’s hereditary enemy. Unfortunately it is a favourite for me & Chotu. So I end up making dishes with brinjal only mostly when hubby eats outside. But the convenience with this Brinjal Chutney is that it gets perfectly disguised & hence, very easy for me to trick him saying “It is a normal Tomato Chutney or Kara Chutney “.

At times when he question...

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Kara Chutney

February 24, 2014 Chutney RecipesSide Dish for Idli/Dosa  5 comments

Kara Chutney is a hot & spicy red chutney that goes well with idli, dosa, & kuzhi paniyaram. Its a popular Chettinad chutney variety made with a handful of ingredients. Its very easy to make too..

Now to ...

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Tomato Mint Chutney

December 18, 2013 Bachelor Friendly RecipesChutney RecipesNO Onion NO GarlicSide Dish for Idli/Dosa  One comment

Tomato Mint chutney(Thakkali Pudina Chutney) is a super quick chutney for idli/dosa. Though Idli/Dosa Podi is a compulsory accompaniment in my family, they do not say no to this tomato mint chutney. This is a no coconut version.

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